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Asbestos Encapsulation

Natural Coats can safely encapsulate asbestos at your property using long-lasting SprayCork. It’s quicker and cheaper than removal with a 15-year warranty.

  • SprayCork is approved for asbestos encapsulation
  • Natural Coats is a CorkSol approved applicator
  • Protection is guaranteed for 15 years
  • Quick, effective process for minimal disruption
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How it works

Our industrial roof repair process includes:

Step 2. Masking up

Masking tape will then be used to protect fixtures or surrounding surfaces. This will ensure an immaculate finish in case of any overspray.

Step 3. Encapsulation

SprayCork is applied in a single, uniform layer – ensuring that the asbestos roof is completely encapsulated. This process also limits the amount of material that ends up in landfill.

Step 4. Warranty

SprayCork comes with a 15-year guarantee for asbestos encapsulation, giving you reassurance in terms of both costs and safety.

Why SprayCork for asbestos encapsulation?

Here’s why Natural Coats recommends SprayCork as the ultimate solution for asbestos encapsulation in Hull and the surrounding areas…
long lasting
Long Lasting
SprayCork comes with a 15-year product warranty for asbestos encapsulation, before it would need re–spraying to provide continued protection.
health and safety
Highest safety standards
SprayCork is an approved and certified application that safely encapsulates asbestos. It is a safer option than removal and reduces the risk of dangerous airborne particles.
quick application
Quick Application
Spray applied in a thin layer, there’s no need to adjust existing fixtures or structures. It’s fast, simple and non-disruptive. 
moisture resistant
Moisture Resistant
Whether it’s on your roof or walls, SprayCork will protect your property from the elements. It’s also damp-proof when used internally.
Improves overall appearance
Encapsulation covers any asbestos by sealing exposed edges and smoothing out surfaces – leaving you with an improved, aesthetically pleasing look to your property.
CorkSol only supplies products to their network of approved applicators, so you can expect the highest standards from Natural Coats.
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  • I would highly recommend Natural Coats. They did a fantastic job overspraying our old render. Tidy, polite and very knowledgeable about the products. All in all great value for money and excellent service.
    Zoe Stringfellow - Hull
  • We recently used Natural Coats for insulation and render. Our experience was only positive - from the initial quote and advice to the professionalism of the team who carried out the work and the finished end result. I would honestly recommend.
    Scott Atkinson - Hull
  • I really can't fault this company, absolutely excellent communication throughout. The team who worked on our home were brilliant, they worked so hard no matter what the weather was doing they always had a smile.
    Rachel Sutton - Hull
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SprayCork is recommended by Kevin McCloud, presenter of TV's Grand Designs and nominated as one of his Green Hero's 3 years in a row.

Asbestos encapsulation FAQs

Is asbestos encapsulation safe?

When asbestos fails or becomes damaged, it releases harmful fibres into the air. However, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) allows for asbestos in a suitable condition to be encapsulated. SprayCork coats the asbestos to protect it and prevent fibres being released, making it safe once encapsulation is completed.

How long does the encapsulation last?

Natural Coats uses SprayCork, which has a warranty of 15 year for asbestos encapsulation. After this period, respraying is necessary to keep the asbestos encapsulated and your premises safe.

Is encapsulation a complicated process?

No, not at all. You’ll be glad to know that once asbestos has been cleared as being in good condition, it can be covered with SprayCork. This process is easy and straightforward when carried out by an experienced contractor like Natural Coats.

How do I get started?

Simply contact Natural Coats on 07506661082 to request a quote. We are ready and waiting to advise you on your requirements and put together a fixed price.
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